Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Vicar Street
Republic of Ireland
26th January 2007

Well first off this was my first Flecktones show although i have seen Bela with the acoustic trio anyways they didn't disapoint
it was a fantastic show in a venue that sucks.I go to this place a lot during the year and all you get are folks who want to drink
till it comes out of there ears and people who want to talk all through the shows.The acoustics are not great either

Why the fuck do they waste there money if they can't come and enjoy and let others enjoy.

This show proved no different and I had 3 irritating assholes sat right next to me
you'll hear them talking on some of the tracks but I have minimized as best I could I also had no option but to cut the first 90secs
off of Bigfoot it was pointless leaving it in as they drowned out the music

Anyway I hope you enjoy my effort its a little on the bright side I would be more than happy if anyone can Tone it down

1 Amber Jack

2 Rococo

3 Futureman Solo ->

4 P-lod in the House

5 Chennai

6 True North

7 Victor Solo

8 Whistle Tune, The

9 Earth Jam

Set Break
10 Bigfoot

11 Sojourn of Arjuna

12 Sleeper

13 Over the Wall

14 Subterfuge

15 Béla Solo

Encore Break
16 Stomping Grounds

I have also included art i have made hope you like it

recorded with
Sony MD skytronic mics with battary box
transferred to phillips stand alone burner>pc>flac level 8

d3cecde913a3931898cb99295cdfb45e *Track No01 Amber Jack.flac
20527dccb739e91ed38a8dd9932b1b6a *Track No02 Rococo.flac
9507e820b33a08e6bdcc657c4603030c *Track No03 Futureman Solo.flac
3474f84a6fef46baf5ac2954af43196c *Track No04 P-Lod In The House.flac
601b42ea5a26ece1d48b69b229b93f19 *Track No05 Chennai.flac
0c3e50f5ec02d7ad7f438251d84e2b24 *Track No06 True North.flac
7064fbdf89112c2cc123b633da76758e *Track No07 Victor Solo.flac
451d00cebe20403a912060b3ea6d4ff8 *Track No08 The Whistle Tune.flac
54fc969377dac0dd4f455d4318fe7931 *Track No09 Earth Jam.flac
abf232ba32ac9cb4a0b057818d5d7be9 *Track No01 Bigfoot.flac
126d43a391bf8a10dd942f22d64f1636 *Track No02 Sojourn Of Arjuna.flac
c139392863a814cfe81f58528d12612c *Track No03 Sleeper.flac
cd7092d966f71fa0ba43ca608765e20e *Track No04 Over The Wall.flac
87129a764eb691624cf2b2b7b8d3072a *Track No05 Subterfuge.flac
1ca422702ed8a0569a1f1925c6bd0583 *Track No06 Bela Solo.flac
904d2bbbaf0a2ca7d461c88ddc8875b4 *Track No07 Stomping Grounds.flac