Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn
City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney, NSW, Australia

CA14cardioids>9200preamp>RolandR-05>24bit/48hz>sd card>harddisk>audacity to declick, raise levels & decrease audience>cdwave editor track split &-->16bit/44.1hz>tlh flac level8.

01 Railroad
02 Banjo Banjo
03 Talk
04 Banjo Picking Girl
05 Ride To You
06 Talk
07 Taiyang Chulai
08 Talk
09 Coal Miner
10 Talk
11 Bela Solo
12 Talk
13 Fiddle Tunes
14 Talk
15 Shotgun Blues
16 What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
17 Talk
18 New South Africa
19 Talk
20 My Home Is Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
21 Talk
22 Divine Bell
23 Encore Break
24 Talk
25 His Eye Is On The Sparrow
26 Talk
27 Keys To The Kingdom (Off mic, have raised levels more than rest of show)

Notes: A few problems
-Nearby cougher for first few songs.
-Some noise of shirt moving over mics at times
-Last song recording very poor. Off mic in front of stage. 2 problems, lots noise of shirt moving over mics (largely because of trying to move away from problem 2), loud singer in audience, completely drowned out Abigail at times. (At least this person could actually sing, but inappropriately loud for the song & venue)