Bela Fleck And The Flecktones
with Sam Bush, Paul McAndless,
and Howard Levy
August 3, 1995
Irving Plaza
New York, New York

Disc One:

01. Vix 9
02. Backwoods Galaxy
03. Lochs Of Dread
04. Stomping Ground
05. Three Bridges Home
06. Big Foot
07. More Luv (with No Woman No Cry, I Shot The Sheriff, Bad Boy, No More Trouble teases)

Disc Two:

01. Bela Solo*
02. Arkansas Traveler*
03. Up and Running*
04. The Landing*
05. Blackberry Blossom*


06. Sinister Minister
07. Sunset Road

* acoustic

Source :
Audience recording by Freddie G.
center balcony
Sennheiser 441 > Sony D5 >
Master Cassette > Nakamichi 1.5 >
Sony R300 > DAT > HHB850 > CDR >
Plextor PX-712A > EAC > Trader's Little Helper
(level 8, aligned on sector boundaries, verified) > .flac
No editing / normalization performed

traders little helper log files:

No need for fixing SBEs (all wav files are already sector-aligned).

bfft1995-08-03td1t01.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t01.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td1t02.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t02.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td1t03.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t03.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td1t04.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t04.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td1t05.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t05.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td1t06.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t06.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td1t07.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td1t07.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t01.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t01.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t02.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t02.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t03.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t03.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t04.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t04.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t05.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t05.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t06.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t06.flac'
bfft1995-08-03td2t07.wav: successfully encoded to 'bfft1995-08-03td2t07.flac'

No errors occured.

bfft1995-08-03td1t01.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td1t02.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td1t03.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td1t04.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td1t05.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td1t06.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td1t07.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t01.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t02.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t03.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t04.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t05.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t06.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)
bfft1995-08-03td2t07.flac: tested ok (file will decode properly)

No errors occured.


No errors occured.

Checksum file saved to disk.

Source files deleted.

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