Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
November 2nd, 1995
Rockwell Hall, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY

Crown PZM's (handheld)>Sony TCD-D7
by Lenny Stubbe

Sony TCD-D8>Microtrack 24/96>WAV>Sound Studio 2.2.4>xACT 1.71>FLAC
by Dave Mallick, D8 on loan from Mike Pietrowski

Disc 1 [53:40.45]
01. //Vix 9 [04:19.47]
02. Blu-Bop [05:17.37]
03. Stomping Grounds [09:08.61]
04. Rainlands [07:05.27]
05. Cheeseballs in Cowtown [06:05.01]
06. Unknown [05:43.31]
07. Lochs of Dread [09:18.71]
08. New South Africa [06:41.70]

Disc 2 [81:18.43]
01. Irish Medley [11:34.29]
02. Flight of the Cosmic Hippo [06:31.49]
03. More Luv [16:19.71]
04. Béla Solo [11:46.57]
05. Arkansas Traveler [03:46.27]
06. Shubbee's Doobie [05:29.39]
07. Blackberry Blossom [06:39.28]
08. E: Sinister Minister [19:10.43]

Entire show with Paul McCandless.

Files divided by set; shift Irish Medley to disc 1 to burn to 2 CDs.

Notes from Lenny:
I want to say that was the 3rd show I ever taped!

I was definitely FOB, pretty centered if I remember. I was definitely
sitting (along with the rest of the crowd), and the mics were handheld
mostly on my lap or slightly raised at times till my arms got tired. I
remember some noticeable spots of me shifting the mics around on my lap
(the PZM's were flat stage mics with top pickup), as I was REALLY
uncomfortable the whole show.