Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten & Abigail Washburn
(Children's Concert) Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Main Auditorium Glasgow, Scotland
19 January 2012 (11AM)

MS-TFB-2 In-Ear Binaural Mics (new ones)-> SP-SPSB-11 Slimline Battery Module (16 Hz, no bass roll-off) -> line-in jack of Sony PCM-M10 -> Sound Forge 9 (only to trim pre- and post-gig chatter)

Rec Level 4. Recorded in 24 bit.

Peter (Wexler?), Salim (?), & Rashim (?)
Bela Fleck, Victor Wooten & Abigail Washburn
Manran (includes Bela Fleck et al on 1 song)

Location: 3 seats to the right and just in front of the soundboard (near the back of the first floor)

(1) Major problems with the right channel. The left channel is fine. This resulted from a bad extension cable.

Used LHC only

Applied click removal to whole file.