Date: 2016.04.01 (April 1st 2016)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona (south of Awatokie west of Chandler)
Venue: Wild Horse Pass and Casino
Source: Aud
Lineage: Tascam DR05(internals) > Audacity > EAC > flac 8 > You
Artwork: No
Time: 82:57 min (second encore missed)
Quality: 4- (out of 5)
Taper: :-)

01. Runaway Horses
02. Head Over heals
03. We Want The Same Thing
04. I Get Weak
05. In Too Deep
06. Circle In The Sand
07. Vision Of You
08. La Luna
09. Summer Rain
10. Valentine
11. Mad About You
12. Leave A Light On
14. Our Lips Are Sealed
15. We Got The Beat
16. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
17. intermission
18. Vacation
19. Big Scary Animal
20. Live Your Life Be Free

second encore not recorded :-(

Great venue a few chatters and one loud lady too close to me ... but they left my row to get upfront
halfway through the show. Belinda was great and mentioned she had family in Phoenix, Parents and two sisters.
we got second encore cover of I love you baby I think but my mic had been inadvertantly switched to stand-by
Yikes!! prolly be a post of that song on you-tube soon I expect though .....
Otherwise very good night levels were spot on etc.

You will Likie !!