The Bellrays 2017-05-23 Warsaw, Brooklyn AUD master

Lineage: Sony ECM-717-> Zoom H2-> Goldwave (track splitting, level boost: right channel +5.5%; left channel: +3.3%) -> TLH (FLAC level 8) -> Dime

Great set by The Bellrays, unfortunatelly too short (around 45 minutes) as they were opening for The Damned.
I really came to see The Bellrays, 45 minutes is better than nothing considering that the last time they played in NYC was in 2008 (WTF???)
I only missed start of the show banter and 10 seconds of 1st song as Zoom H2 takes forever to power up and they started at 8:00 PM sharp as advertised.
Sound quality is pretty good
Sound sample will be provided in comments.

01. On Top (first 10 seconds missing)
02. Mine All Mine
03. Snake City
04. Close Your Eyes
05. Pinball City
06. Power To Burn
07. Living A Lie
08. Everybody Get Up
09. Infection
10. Whole Lotta Love
11. Stupid Fuckin' People
12. Black Lightning
13. Startime (with band introduction and solos)

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