Ben Folds Five
Prospect Park
Brooklyn, NY

DPA/B&K4021 (stealth in hat ~10th row, left of center) -> Sound Devices 722 (@24/96); FLAC File processing in SoundForge 10.0e (volume normalization; resample to 44.1 with iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit dither using iZotope MBIT+ Dither with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings, EQ to remove spots of wind noise, EQ to dampen nearby yells; major clap scrubbing); Tracked in CDWav. IDv3 tagged in Tag&Rename 3.7.

1. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
2. Michael Praytor, Five Years Later
3. Alice Childress
4. banter - end of tour
5. Erase Me
6. Sky High
7. Brick
8. Do It Anyway
9. Song For The Dumped
10. Underwear & Jumper Cables improv
11. Kate
12. Underground
13. banter - Bitchin' horn section
14. Army

Last show of the "Last Summer On Earth" tour with Ben Folds Five, Guster, and Barenaked Ladies

We did not record Barenaked Ladies

Recorded by Scott Bernstein & Eric Vandercar

Mastered, tracked, tagged, and posted by Scott Bernstein (8/14-20/2013)