Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Radio City at Music Hall
New York, NY
September 15th, 2007

Disc One:

d1t01. intro
d1t02. 11th Commandment
d1t03. Well Well Well
d1t04. Fight Outta You
d1t05. Picture in a Frame
d1t06. chatter
d1t07. Fool for a Lonesome Train
d1t08. In The Colors
d1t09. Gold To Me
d1t10. Whipping Boy
d1t11. Younger Than Today
d1t12. ben & band notice RastaJack all pimped out
d1t13. Having Wings
d1t14. chatter
d1t15. Two Hands of a Prayer
d1t16. chatter
d1t17. There Will Be a Light
d1t18. Needed You Tonight
d1t19. band introductions

Disc Two:

d2t01. Put It On Me
d2t02. Say You Will
d2t03. Use Me *
d2t04. Where Could I Go
d2t05. encore
d2t06. Paris Sunrise #7
d2t07. LifeLine
d2t08. Masters of War #&
d2t09. Like a King > I'll Rise
d2t10. outro

* Bill Withers Cover
# Bob Dylan Cover
& with Piers Faccini

Source: Internal Mics on Edirol R-09, Sampled @ (44,100 Khz, 16 bit)
Taper: Cam Amick
Location: PITT, Row AAA, Seat 22 (approx 1' from stage, 15' left of center)
Mics @ Chest height.
Transfer: WAV File on Secure Digital Card > Dell XPSM170 Laptop
> CD Wav for track splitting and encoding to Flac (Level 8)

Taper Note(s) about this show:

This is number 3 of 6 shows I recorderd during this tour. I beleive this was a special night for Ben and the Innocent Criminals as
it was the first time they played in this Theatre. They had a lot of pictures being taken during the show including one of the band
with the audience in the background. I actually made one of the pictures on the Bands website. picture 41, I'm holding Oliver's drumstick
that he just thru to me!!! The set palyed at this show was the same exact set as the Ryman Theatre (even the sequencing). There only difference,
they played a Bob Dylan song "Masters of War" featuring Piers Faccini instead of By My Side. I was hoping for a
little more variety but I still can't complain. Each show and the energy around them stand on their own. This was another exhilerating
performance from BHIC. It was overly special to me as I ended up with one of Olivers Charles's drumsticks. Ben also saw me in the front
row & in his way said hey. I had met him after the show in Nashville (3 days earlier) and told him I was going to see him in NY, PA & DC.
My friend "rasta Jack" was also noticed by Ben & the Band and they had a little conversation with him during the show (d1t12). This was a
very memorable night!!! Thank you BHIC. The audience was very diverse, well dressed, relaxed and didn't stand and remain standing until
Ben played Put It On Me (Ben actually said to people they can dance @ this time). I was was not caught off guard with the no standing thing
as this is how it went in Nashville. However, I was caught off guard when security asked me to sit during Having Wings. It actually pissed
me off but I conceeded as I didn't want trouble. Ben started out solo acoustic with 11th Commandment & then was joined by the Band for an
acoustic performance of Well Well Well. The show was amazing but I was not overly impressed with the audience behavior as they were by far
the noisiest crowd out of the 6 shows I attended. It's all good though!

Piers Faccini was the opening act.

Known Technical defficiencie(s) about this recording:

There was an annoying echo in this Theatre. I imagin that the place being so big & made of concrete had someting to do with it.
Even being front row I found it impossible to escape the chatter of oblivious, disrespectful, annoying, chattering girls
as all they did was talk the entire show (thank God they were next to my fiance as I would probably said something (actually I did,
I sushed them during Where Could I Go). I was also joined by a couple of Drunk Kids that finally found there seat next to me during Having
Wings. It is evident on the recording.

It was next to impossible to record the show being in front row. I had to ocassionally cover the recorder to keep it from being seen.
As a result several things suffered including the clearness of this recording.

d1t13 Sorry about the chatter, I get hastled by security to Sit Down.

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are:

Ben Harper Vocals, Guitars & Keys
Juan Nelson Bass
Leon Mobely Percussion
Jason Yates Keys
Oliver Charles Drums
Michael Ward Guitar