Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
The Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
July 28, 2005

taper: Binny Kane

Source: sonymic/sonymzr70/philips cd-r/wav/flac
sorry for the two year wait

Do not convert to mp3...stealth recording


1-1 God Fearing Man
1-2 Ground On Down
1-3 Take My Hand
1-4 DOTI
1-5 Gather 'Round the Stone
1-6 People Lead
1-7 Brown Eyed Blues
1-8 Mama's Trippin'
1-9 Excuse Me Mr.
1-10 One Road to Freedom
1-11 Please Me Like You Want To
1-12 Give A Man A Home
1-13 Everything
2-1 Breakin' Down(missing first minute(s) due to disc change)
2-2 Temporary Remedy
2-3 Glory and Consequence
2-4 Encore Break
2-5 11th Commandment>
2-6 Well, Well, Well
2-7 Another Lonely Day
2-8 Power of the Gospel
2-9 Walk Away
2-10 Indifference(Vedder)
2-11 Tom Freund intro
2-12 Pleasure and Pain (with Tom Freund)
Encore II (disc change during encore break)
3-1 Burn One Down
3-2 SMK>Pressure Drop(Toots Hibbert)
3-3 The Woman In You
3-4 Band intros
3-5 Beloved One Tease
3-6 Please Bleed
3-7 Forgiven
3-8 Story
3-9 Ain't Too Proud to Beg(Whitfield/Holland Jr.performed by Gaye and Funk Bros.)
3-10 With My Own Two Hands>War(Haile Selassie I performed by Marley)

Entered the show thinking Charlie Musselwhite was hopping off the tour right before this date and that
Philly was being treated as just another date. I couldn't have been more wrong and should have known
better because the IC's love to rock Philly. 10 FFYM Songs!
I consider this to be the best Ben show out of the many I've seen.
I shouted out Indifference during the 1st encore...request:granted!