Benny Carter Orchestra
Unknown Venue, Los Angeles CA
Unknown Radio Broadcast
March-April 1946

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Miles Davis (tpt); Fred Trainer (tpt); Calvin Strickland (tpt); Walter Williams (tpt); Ira Pettiford (tpt); Candy Ross (tb);
Johnny Morris (tb); Al Grey (tb); Charley Johnson (tb); Benny Carter (as, tpt); Bob Graettinger (ts); Joe Epps (ts);
Harold Clark (ts); Hubert "Bumps" Myers (ts); Willard Brown (ts); James Cannady (g); Sonny White (p); Thomas Moultrie (b);
Percy Brice (d); Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman (ann)

01 Introduction
02 Jump Call
03 Introduction
04 Just You, Just Me
05 Polishin' Brass


- Exquisite recording. A real fine specimen. The sound is good, and the playing is better.