Benny Goodman

1937-08-17 Camel Caravan, CBS Broadcast, LA
(24bit-96kHz Remastering Processed and Pitch Fixed !!)

These Sound Sources had given a remastering process in 24 bit-96kHz environment.
Finally these are converted to 16bit-44kHz wav format. (and directly converted to these flac format)
Original source sound quality is very very poor... But
improved as much as possible by this process!

01-Let's Dance
02-That Naughty Waltz
03-Satan Takes a Holiday
04-So Rare [trio]
05-Let's Have Another Cigarette [vo - Meyer Alexander Chorus]
06-Liza (all the clouds will roll away) [quartet]
07-Russian Swing [vo - Marek Windhaim & Meyer Alexander Chorus]
08-Chloe (Song Of The Swamp)

Harry James,Ziggy Elman, Chris Griffin-tp
Red Ballard, Murray McEachen-tb
Hymie Schertzer, George Koenig-as
Art Rollini, Vido Musso-ts
Jess Stacy-p
Allan Reuss-g
Harry Goodman-b
Gene Krupa-drs

Hi!! Every BG Lovers in the world!!
Thank you for your interesting and DL.
BG had rest so many Camel Caravan Broadcasting performances.
A lot of that sources are not CD released yet.
I have more than 30 stages of his live performances. (maybe I have almost of all.)
After Remastering works, I will upload these sequentially.
Please depend on pleasure!
See you next uploading!!

Hug a Nice Music, katz