Folk Festival Leofels, Germany -Aug-1993 (only a small part of the show)
Label: none
Sound quality: very rough, hissy and sometimes distant audience tape (chatting included) / only for completists - I warned you
Lineage: Unknown master tapes (recorded with cheap SONY Walkman, no external mike) > tape copy on SONY UXS 90 (1993) > audacity (10/(2012)
Pitch corrected version!

Now this IS rare! The Festival at Leofels has always been something special for the music-lovers in the South of
Germany. I never missed a day. Unfortunately it is no more.
Starting in the mid-seventies as a pure Folk Festival it soon evolved its repertoire to Folk, Worldmusic, Blues,
Comedy, Rock, Classical Music, Jazz, Gospel and Soul.
After my release of the 1997 Leofels shows on Dime I did a little research on older tapes and finally found three old
ones from the 1993 festival in my vault. This here is number one. I also found short pieces of Peter Kirtley's and
Anne Wylie's concerts on other tapes. They will follow later.
Like the 1997 soundboards these recordings were also done by my own self but I had totally forgotten about them
since the quality wasn't really good and they were only intended as a personal memory of a very fine festival.
I listened to the first tape yesterday and thought, well the sound isn't that bad ... and the music is just wonderful!

Since I think you may be interested not in all the different styles and bands I decided to upload this tape divided into
small portions. If you download all 7 parts you will get the full 90 minutes I have.

So here it is.

New to DIME! Never ever shared anywhere else before!

01. Running on the new .... (?) train
02. Mein kleiner gr�ner Kaktus (Comedian Harmonists cover)

The describing text in German is from the original Festival Leofels homepage which like the Festival doesn't exist

Beppe Gambetta
USA � Folk, Bluegrass und Country aus Genova, Italien ? Beppe Gambetta machts m�glich, er stammt aus dieser ligurischen

Vielfach als der Beste Flat- und Fingerpicker Gitarrist au�erhalb den Staaten bezeichnet, schafft er es, nur mit seiner Gitarre und

seinen virtuosen Fingern, seine Zuh�rer zu verzaubern.
Gleichg�ltig, ob er die Saiten seiner Gitarre mit dem Bl�ttchen (=Flat) pickt oder mit seinen pickenden Fingern rasante Linien

zeichnet, ob er "Whistling Blues" spielt oder ruhige, harmonische Melodien.
Das Programm wird nie langweilig, der Klangreichtum Gambettas ist wohltuend abwechslungsreich. (c) 1993

Enjoy, have fun and spread! And remember: it's always nice to leave a comment.
Coverart and any help with the unknown track titles welcome!
Please use this show for trading only ~ never sell it.

...and NO MP3, please never ever! Really really bad karma guaranteed!

If you're interested in more memories of great festivals and concerts, please watch out for my previous uploads in the extra text file.