Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival
Rothvess Farm, Ancramdale, New York
Episodes 3 and 4 (of 10)
1985? (NTSC DVD) (XP/LPCM, 56m)

These are shows broadcast on Maryland Public TV back in 1989. The video quality is pretty good,
with the exception of Episodes 8 and 9 which are a bit grainy, for some reason - I suspect it was the
broadcast itself since I used the same good tape I used for the others (TDK E-HG) and the same VHS-HiFi recorder
(Toshiba, forget the model number). Episode 10 is missing the last few minutes of the broadcast.

I did web searches to see if the shows were available commercially plus I contacted the TV station which produced them
and the producers of the current festival, Grey Fox. I found no mention of them anywhere, the TV
station didn't reply to my query and the Grey Fox producers weren't aware of them, had no objection to their being torrented
and asked for copies, which I provided. I've read a couple of articles on the web which mention that the festival changed its
name to Winterhawk in 1983 so maybe the name is wrong here, but that's what it says on the broadcasts.

There is an MD5 checksum file in the VIDEO TS folder.

Anyway, there is some great bluegrass history here so enjoy. I would welcome any help with any of the song titles
marked with a question mark, thanks.


Lineage: VHS (HiFi, SP) > S-VHS deck > Panasonic DMR E-85 (hard drive > DVD-R)



DM = Del McCoury and His Dixie Pals
JM = Jimmy Martin and the Sunny Mountain Boys
QS = Quicksilver
SS = The Seldom Scene
CWB = The C.W. Brock Family
OB = The Osborne Brothers
HAML = The Harley Allen/Mike Lilly Band
TR = The Tony Rice Band
PR = The Peter Rowan Band
JA = Jimmy Arnold Jam Session
BM = Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys



Episode 3
1) Intro
2) TR - The Early Morning Rain
3) - (?)
4) - Never Meant To Be
5) - Some Old Day
6) BM - The Rocky Road Blues
7) - The Old House
8) - Come Hither, Go Yonder
9) - Uncle Pen

Episode 4
1) Intro
2) DM - Lonliness and Desperation
3) - Undone in Sorrow (?)
4) - Shuckin' the Corn
5) - This Kind of Life
6) JM - My Walkin' Shoes Don't Fit Me Anymore (?)
7) - Shackles and Chains
8) - It Takes One to Know One
9) - Best Coon Dog in the State of Tennessee (?)