Bernard Allison, Top live sessions, Paris 1994 and 1995, FM masters FLAC

Remembering a memorable show we saw with Nico and Chistophe earlier this year, here his
some Bernard Allison FM.
Recorded during the Top live radio show; i added 2 bonus tracks (1995 jams with father Luther)

01 Hang on
02 Breaking up somebody's home
03 Missing Stevie
04 We got to live together
05 Help
06 Missing Stevie
07 Brand new car ?
08 Hang on
09 Knockin' on your door (inviting Luther Allison)

10 Cherry red wine (with Luther Allison)
11 Move from the hood (with Luther Allison)

01-03: Top live show Europe 1 radio 1994 november 4th
04-09: Top live show Europe 1 radio 1995 may 4th
10 and 11: Pollen show France Inter radio 1995 may 10th

Cassettes played on Marantz SD4061 deck to ZOOM H4, wav to PC, audacity editions, FLAC.

Samples in comments.