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Bernard Allison:

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Taper: unknown, HANX :-)
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Length: 100:53min
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Rytmeposten, Odense, Denmark, 11th January 2001
CD1: (66:39min)
01) I Can't Get You Out My Mind
02) Just Came Back To Say Good Bye
03) Bad Love
04) Life Is A Bitch
05) Midnight Creeper
06) Leave My Little Girl Alone
07) Good Time Woman
CD2: (34:14min)
01) The Way Love Was Meant To Be
02) Feels Kinda Funny
03) Jam
04) Voodoo Chile(Slight Return) ~ Star Spangled Banner
05) Jam ~ Why Do I Have To Feel This Way?
Length: 100:53min
Bernard Allison: Vocals, Guitar
: Guitar
: Keyboards
: Bass
: Drums
-> if someone knows who was in Bernard's band way back then, please let us know, HANX in advance

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Bernard Allison for You Blues lovers,

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Track No101.flac:97997084ff6a9f8fa0deed98fbd49217
Track No102.flac:cf721c914303dfd99bedbf53d4e166b7
Track No103.flac:a0233cd3a698a79d400180630a372088
Track No104.flac:a03d16cfa00118e63f3abca53d11d282
Track No105.flac:f8c24fd0c3cc47aedfcbfaaec6e99fa9
Track No106.flac:e406629739130997d5f9c23c0a87aef0
Track No107.flac:5e696ab4a5a0a9a132461e9f539417a1
Track No201.flac:f5dbe61089124ef007a96dcd0c361395
Track No202.flac:f9a10d7829ad9de9631b95aa033874c9
Track No203.flac:ed4807551bf49704498b1f219fefedbb
Track No204.flac:449b8306dbfe2c0fea54499c178c14a5
Track No205.flac:010ae9edfd44d95a840e63b83c9d8aba

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97997084ff6a9f8fa0deed98fbd49217 [shntool] Track No101.flac
cf721c914303dfd99bedbf53d4e166b7 [shntool] Track No102.flac
a0233cd3a698a79d400180630a372088 [shntool] Track No103.flac
a03d16cfa00118e63f3abca53d11d282 [shntool] Track No104.flac
f8c24fd0c3cc47aedfcbfaaec6e99fa9 [shntool] Track No105.flac
e406629739130997d5f9c23c0a87aef0 [shntool] Track No106.flac
5e696ab4a5a0a9a132461e9f539417a1 [shntool] Track No107.flac
f5dbe61089124ef007a96dcd0c361395 [shntool] Track No201.flac
f9a10d7829ad9de9631b95aa033874c9 [shntool] Track No202.flac
ed4807551bf49704498b1f219fefedbb [shntool] Track No203.flac
449b8306dbfe2c0fea54499c178c14a5 [shntool] Track No204.flac
010ae9edfd44d95a840e63b83c9d8aba [shntool] Track No205.flac

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0ce3dbade23aa6f8cc136eaec94b15dc *Track No101.flac
da224a8ff1b961f99607ce04ea3b3b78 *Track No102.flac
a150994acc5300a5988e615e4e929cde *Track No103.flac
a3c3101dc2f614d94b6f43161b7d8b12 *Track No104.flac
77a7b77f349bfecd94e9d61bcc605111 *Track No105.flac
787e253867e7b96efaa9b617e6e385bd *Track No106.flac
ea60e4f05618716cbba536a9500eacb3 *Track No107.flac
567e38eb65c812fd5ea2322b31c0f3e0 *Track No201.flac
0c4ad5a1f5dc00431912bbe09ac0a72c *Track No202.flac
d72d36d1216317814f10789c0311fe02 *Track No203.flac
6471681b8e47535d2dd59e1ddaf91739 *Track No204.flac
5b1370d3e33b761bbb5793df16c72076 *Track No205.flac

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