Bert Inspired
Various Artists
Old Fruitmarket Glasgow
31 January 2016

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Again many thanks to BigDee for another great job of mastering one of my recordings.

This was a tribute to the late and very great Bert Jansch. It was performed in front of several backdrops of Bert. It was very soon obvious that most of the audience were there for Robert Plant and Band. That having been said the reverential silence for artists like the great Archie Fisher was wonderful. His set was very quiet but you could have heard a pin drop. This show was originally planned as a one night affair but this show sold out so quickly that another was hastily scheduled for the larger venue (also seated) of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall the following night. This meant an extention of the Festival- such was the popularity.

In some ways it was a disjointed affair, basically artists coming on separately and doing 2-3 songs. Sometimes a chat about Bert and then the next artist. Most artists did mainly Bert songs or songs that Bert covered.One got the feeling that Robert Plant and crew were in a different dressing room than the rest. The review in the Guardian Newspaper described the encore of "Strollin'" a cacophony! Plant and Sensational Space Shifters far louder than anyone else. Karine was great of course (no bias there!!)

A generally accurate review can be found below; They did miss a couple of songs out of the review. The start of the second set had a video of Neil Young and Jack White performing Bert's Needle of Death. This has been commercially released so has been omitted from this recording.

The Players In Order of Appearance
Martin Simpson (MS)
Karine Polwart (KP)
Archie Fisher (AF)
Jacqui McShee & Mike Piggott (JM & MP)
Graham Coxon (GC)
Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters (RP & SSS)
Neil Young & Jack White Video (NY &JW) OMITTED
Ben Watts & Bernard Butler (BW &BB)
Ryley Walker (RW)

Set 1 [73.44]
1. Intro (MS) (1.28)
2. Blues Run The Game (Jackson C Frank) (MS) (4.21)
3. Chat & Song Intro (MS) (1.00)
4. Heartbreak Hotel (Mae Axton) (MS) (3.01)
5. Chat, Tuning & Intros to Karine Polwart & Song (1.50)
6. Reynardine (Anne Briggs) (MS & KP) (4.43)
7. Intro to Archie Fisher & Song (MS & AF) (2.59)
8. Blackwaterside (aka One Morning Fair) (AF) (3.26)
9. Chat, Tuning & Song Intro (AF) ( 1.11)
10. January Man (Dave Goulder) (AF) (2.54)
11. Chat & Tuning (AF) (0.52)
12. You Took The Day (Fisher) (AF) (3.12)
13. Intros to Jacqui McShee (AF) (0.35)
14. Tell Me What Is True Love (Jansch) (JM & MP) (3.06)
15. Intro to Mike Piggott & Song (JM) (1.06)
16. Is It Real (Jansch) (JM & MP) (3.11)
17. Song Intro (JM) (0.31)
18. I�ve Got A Feeling (Jansch/Davis) (JM & MP) (3.23)
19. Intro to Graham Coxon & Song Intro (JM & GC) (1.28)
20. Running From Home (Jansch) (GC) (2.14)
21. One For Jo (Jansch) (GC) (3.02)
22. Chat (GC) (0.41)
23. Latte (Coxon) (GC) (1.38)
24. "Bobby Plant" is in the House (0.51)
25. Go Your Way, My Love (Briggs) (RP & SSS) (6.23)
26. Chat (RP) (0.34)
27. Babe I�m Gonna Leave You (Bredon) (RP & SSS) (7.14)
28. Chat (RP) (0.38)
29. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Trad/Taggart) (RP & SSS) (6.12)

Set 2 [87.55/82.10]
NOTE: The Second Set started with the Video of Neil Young & Jack White performing "Needle of Death". This has been commercially released and is therefore omitted from this recording.

1. Needle of Death (Jansch) (Video) (NY & JW) (omitted as released on "A Letter Home") (5.45)
2. Intros & Chat (BW) (2.20)
3. It Don�t Bother Me (Jansch) (BW & BB) (5.31)
4. Chat & Tuning (BW) (1.24)
5. Morning Brings Peace Of Mind (Jansch) (BW & BB) (3.47)
6. Soho (Jansch) (BW & BB) (4.58)
7. Intro to Song & Jacqui McShee (1.01)
8. The Time Has Come (Briggs) (JM & BW & BB) (3.54)
9. Chat (KP) (1.23)
10. High Days (Jansch) (KP) (3.32)
11. Chat (KP) (1.41)
12. Tree Song (Jansch) (KP) (3.41)
13. Bring On Graham & Martin (0.45)
14. Fresh As A Sweet Sunday Morning (Jansch) (KP & GC & MS) (3.55)
15. Intro to Ryley Walker & Chat (KP & RW) (1.44)
16. Build Another Band (Jansch) (RW) (2.44)
17. Song Intro (RW) (0.38)
18. I Am Lonely (Jansch) (RW) (2.06)
19. Chat & Song Intro (RW) (0.40)
20. Roundabout (Walker) (RW) (4.42)
21. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever get Lucky) (Plant/Adams) (RP & SSS) (7.04)
22. Chat & Song Intro (RP) (0.30)
23. The Cuckoo (Trad) (RP & SSS) (4.35)
24. Chat & Song Intro (RP) (0.49)
25. Poison (Jansch) (RP & SSS) (5.52)
26. Band Changeover (1.16)
27. Tune Intro (MS) (0.45)
28. Angie (Graham) (MS & GC) (1.56)
29. Everyone Back on Stage & Tuning (2.00)
30. Strolling Down The Highway & Reprise (Jansch) (Everyone) (6.54)

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