Better Off Dead
Church Square Park
Hoboken, NJ
Aug. 24, 2011

Master AUD recording

**mp3 samples provided (as always) in the Comments section**

Better Off Dead is my favorite musical "find" of 2011.

This Jersey City, NJ-based group performs clever, well-written songs that are loaded with catchy hooks and lyrics. Some songs are bluesy, some are twangy, and some are Bill Haley-like rock and roll...but one common thread among the songs is that they're all really good!

Please support Better Off Dead by seeing them perform live and by buying their CDs. The band has 3 full-lenghth CDs available through its website and I can heartily recommend all of them.

Thanks again to V.D. King for allowing me to record this show for posterity.

On the web:

(Disc 1=Set #1, Disc 2=Set #2)

101. Beaver Shot (played as "Earthquake")
102. I Drank It
103. My Next Mistake
104. Seven Nights To Rock (Nick Lowe, others)
105. San Antone
106. Alcohol Talking
107. Digging My Own Grave
108. Yellow Cadillac
109. Sleepin' On The Sofa
110. Georgia Slop (Jimmy McCracklin)
111. Voodoo Doll
112. Girl With A Job

201. Twister In A Trailer Park
202. Kitten
203. When My Troubles Began
204. What Happened?
205. Little Debbie
206. Wages Of Sin
207. Money Maker
208. She Like That Chicken
209. V.D. invites Anthony Tamburro to play
210. Bye Bye Johnny
211. Bayonne

Approx. running time: 89 minutes

Better Off Dead is:
V.D. King - guitar, lead vocals
Don Kenny - guitar, vocals
Carl Lorentzen - bass, vocals
Mike Kenny - drums

Special guest:
Anthony Tamburro (from Enzo & The Bakers) - guitar, lead vocals on track 210

Zoom H2 (120 degree mic pattern) > WAV (onto SD card) > Nero wave editor (trim & fade end tracks, boost volume) > FLAC Frontend (sb-aligned) > FLAC

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Recorded by and uploaded on DIME
by TheCommish
Oct. 2011