Betty Carter & Ronnie Scott Sextet
Ronnie Scott's, London
(Probably) December 1992

This was broadcast on Jazz FM on 1992/12/20. I don't know the exact recording date but as I recall these Martini Hour concerts were usually broadcast within a week or two of recording. It was recorded in mono � stereo FM reception where I lived was awful and mono isn't brilliant. But this is very listenable. Betty Carter joins them after the first two tracks.


Betty Carter (vocals)
Ronnie Scott (sax)
Mornington Lockett (sax)
John Critchinson (piano)
Dick Pearce (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Andy Kleindert (bass)
Martin Drew (drums)


Coco B
In the still of the night
But beautiful
Stay as sweet as you are
I don't wanna set the world on fire