Bevis Frond - 1989-09-xx Rehearsals at Steve Broughton’s studio with Magic Muscle

Some of the earliest rehearsal recordings of the first ‘Live’ Bevis Frond line-up which, due to the presence of both Rustic Rod and Adrian Shaw from the Magic Muscle - who had only recently finished their own reunion tour, featuring Twink on drums - was sometimes jokingly referred to as he Magic Bevis Muscle Frond. Around half the numbers were in fact Magic Muscle songs, sung by Rod. Originally their drummer was supposed to be Twink, but he was quickly replaced, firstly by Steve Broughton and then by Martin Crowley. It would be fair to say that Nick ‘Bevis’ Saloman was not a particularly confident live performer at this early point, so the inclusion of his friends from Magic Muscle helped his live shows enormously; bassist Ade Shaw remains a constant of his live band to the present day. Martin Crowley, sadly, passed away after a motorbike accident in 2015.

This recording comprises two rehearsals, tracks 01-05 dating from the 28th, tracks 07 onwards from the 29th. Track 06 is either the end of the first rehearsal or the beginning of the second, hence why they are presented as one upload, in exactly the same manner as the original tape.

01 the organiser
02 drongo thief
03 do me down
04 heavy in e
05 chat & waiting for midnight
06 intro-outro jam
07 the organiser-going up
08 drongo thief (brief cut at tape flip)
09 do me down
10 heavy in e
11 waiting for midnight

Nick Saloman - Guitar & Vocals
Rustic Rod Goodway - Guitar & Vocals
Adrian Shaw - Bass
Martin Crowley - Drums

This upload - and all other Bevis uploads from me - approved by Nick Saloman.

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