TORRENT TITLE: Patronaat, Haarlem 2012-01-13

ARTIST NAME: The Bevis Frond

VENUE, CITY, COUNTRY, DATE: Patronaat, Haarlem, Holland 2012-01-13

01 - Reanimation
02 - Speedboat
03 - She's Entitled To
04 - He'd Be A Diamond
05 - Son Of A Warm Gun
06 - Superseded
07 - High On A Downer
08 - Why Have You Been Fighting Me
09 - Confusion Days
10 - Johnny Kwango
11 - Lights Are Changing
12 - Reflections In A Tall Mirror
13 - Stain On The Sun
14 - High In A Flat
15 - Too Kind
16 - Race With The Devil

Nick Saloman - guitar and vocals
Ade Shaw - bass and vocals
Paul Simmons - guitar
Dave Pearce - drums

MD5 checksum:
See accompanying ffp.txt file

No artwork included.

>> Recorded on a ZOOM H1 Handy @ 24-bit/96kHz wav with auto-level function switched off
>> The two resultant files were joined using SoX
>> Converted to 16-bit/44.1kHz wav using SoX at default settings
>> Tracked using Audacity
>> Converted to flac format using SoundConverter with default settings
>> Flacs tagged with EasyTag

Additional Information:
This show was recorded by Alan Last, hired muscle to The Bevis Frond on the European 2012 tour. The recorder was positioned slightly to the right of centre on a balcony above the audience.

The recorder is limited to 2Gb files which equate to aprroximately 1 hour of recording at the 24-bit/96kHz setting, so there were two files produced that were stitched back together. I personally wasn't able to detect the join, but that's not to say it is not there.

Also there was some clipping on one channel on the first three tracks, after which everything seemed to settle down nicely. The bass is a little heavy in places, but nothing that can't be adjusted with a tweak of the tone controls. Apart from that the sound is fairly balanced and all of the musicians' parts are audible.

Finally, please do not sell this recording as it is copyright of Nick Saloman and The Bevis Frond. Nick has given permission to share this file, and lease feel free to convert it to whatever format offends your ears the least, although I'd very much appreciate if you'd distribute it only as you find it here.