Yellowstock 2013
De Boogart Youth Center, Geel, Belgie
August - 10 - 2013
Day # 2 - Act # 7 (20:40 -> 21:55)
Outside show

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Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Zoom H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SD card -> HD -> Audacity (edit/volume boost only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by Mr. BLUESHACKS with help from Mr. MIROH at front row dead center, mics and recorder were placed on the hedge in front of the stage. Almost none disturbing chatter audible,
this is a very fine recording, with one exception: on the ntro to SUPERSEDED, a microphone eating insect seemed to enjoy biting into the protecting foam, which made some weird cracking
noises for a few seconds. Maybe a bird came by, and lifted the problem...thank you, bird! A very few pics included as well...


After the very nice experience of Yellowstock 2012, my good friends BLUESHACKS and MIROH (who shared taping duties with me back then and on 2013's Freak Valley as well) decided to
visit the 2013 edition as well. Unfortunately - due to working schedule - I could not make the 350 km trip from my home to Geel. So when Wolli (BLUESHACKS) was at my place for the
KRACH AM BACH festival a week earlier, it was not a second of talk needed, that they could borrow my taping gear for this lovely festival. Alone the possibility of a taped MACHINE show...
Anyway, though I just said "Tape whatever you want but enjoy as well." they managed to tape almost all the bands there. So, all the thanks and praises go straight to Kevelaer and
Gescher in Germany, for their taping and other efforts...

So how much can you put praise on a band? I don't know, but if it wasn't that working schedule didn't allow me to attend this year's lovely Yellowstock, I would have driven the 300+
kilometers one way alone for the mighty great BEVIS FROND. For those who know, this is one of my absolute favourite bands since I first saw them some 22+ years ago at Forum Enger. And
after their long hiatus in the 2000 decade, at least I've managed to experience them five times (and I hope at least a dozen more to come!). I still wonder why they didn't open for the
BEATLES, or what was that band called who just celebrated their 50th anniversary in London? Can't figure out their name, though it's on my tongue. Anyone knows?
But I know why. This band would've simply blown them offstage, and they were much to ANGSTERFUELLT. There could've been no other reason.
Anyway, this was the only continental summer show after the long tour in May, and as it's been a festival gig, a few tracks had to left out of the setlist. Unfortunately - at least to me -
"High in flat" was also out of the game. Brrrrr...(calm down, SB) What you get here is "almost" a "Best of" BEVIS FROND, with just one track from the WHITE NUMBERS album played, but very
very nice renditions of "Maybe", a long spaceout on "Superseded" and a heartwrenching "Stain on the sun". All with some very entertaining and humorous introductions by Nick.
Ok, all said, so you maybe listen to the tape? And, did I tell you that I love this band and the guys, too? Hope to see them back here in next winter/spring! SB


FULL SHOW (75:07 min.)

01. Jam -> (2:14)
02. Reanimation (8:58)
03. Begone (6:46)
04. Maybe (5:39)
05. He'd be a diamond (3:14)
06. Superseded (19:21)
07. Confusion days (5:19)
08. Lights are changing (5:01)
09. Reflections in a tall mirror (5:21)
10. Stain on the sun (6:51)
11. Olde world (6:20) (for the limited 2 CD LiveSet of PNF 2011/11/26)
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NICK SALOMAN - vocals, guitar, electric sitar
ADE "PAUL BREITNER" SHAW - bass, vocals
PAUL SIMMONS - flying V-Fender guitar
DAVE "DANGEROUS" PEARCE - thunder drums

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