After the Bevis Frond recordings I shared here from Cardigan, Wales, and Hamburg and Berlin, Germany, this must be the icing on the cake for the 2015 Bevis Frond shows so far, at least as for sound quality.
At the show in Het Bos in Antwerpen, Belgium the Magnificent Merch-Man Alan Last got the soundman to make a 16bit-48Khz recording from the soundboard to a USB-drive.

I received this recording as a single 16/48 WAV file.

Processing: Raw file copied to hard disc > Normalizing both channels separately and splitting into tracks at 16bit-44.1Khz with Audacity 2.1.1 > Encoding to FLAC Level 6 with xACT 2.36 > Tagging files with xACT 2.36 > creating Fingerprint file for the audio-files with xACT 2.36.


01 Intro Jam [5:40]
02 Hole Song #2 [5:13]
03 Maybe [6:24]
04 Lights Are Changing [4:58]
05 Banter-tuning [1:50]
06 Pale Blue Blood [11:00]
07 Reflections In A Tall Mirror [4:53]
08 Superseded [17:01]
09 Eyes In The Back Of My Head [4:19]
10 High In A Flat [5:12]
11 He’d Be A Diamond [2:51]
12 Stain On The Sun [6:33]
13 Band Introduction [0:51]
14 Olde Worlde [5:56]
15 Encore break [2:04]
16 Manual Labour [5:11]
17 Parchman Farm [9:05]
18 Second encore break [2:50]
19 God Speed You To Earth [11:00]

Total duration 1 hour 53 minutes and 2 seconds

Line up:

Nick Saloman - Guitars, Vocals
Adrian Shaw - Bass, Vocals
Paul Simmons - Guitar
Dave Pearce - Drums

The usual requests:
Share only in lossless format with this info-file included.
Encoding to mp3 or other lossy compressed formats only for personal use.
Absolutely NO SELLING [You got it for free, pass it on for free!]

Support the artists by going to their shows and buying their official releases.
Enjoy and share the music!

First shared on Dime by marinus, 2015-10-12