After having seen the Bevis Frond at the ‘13th Dream of Dr Sardonicus’ Festival in Wales in August [my recording of that show is at: I decided that if there would be touring-activity of the band I would try to catch a few more gigs.
And fortunately there was a short tour, after the tourist(= my working-)season. I attended the shows in Hamburg on the 29th of September and in Berlin on the 1st of October, this is my recording of the Berlin show. I included a few photos of the show.
In Berlin I was so fortunate to be granted the use of a friend’s flat (although she wasn’t home, she organised I could pick up the key somewhere). It was at quite a distance from the venue, and because I always rather are 15 minutes early than 1 minute late, I left the flat very early. And I was very glad for that, because on my way I got a phone-call from Alan Last, the Magnificent Merch-Man of the Bevis Frond, telling me that the band would be on stage already at 8.30 pm, and would have to be finished at 10.00 pm, because there would be a techno-party from 11.00 pm in the same venue.
The Band wasn’t told about this beforehand either, but hey, that’s Berlin for you, more interested in money than in respect for the artists playing. I must say that as for German cities I by far prefer Hamburg.
So the concert was cut short, without ‘God Speed You To Earth’ as a second encore.

The info is as follows:

Artist: The Bevis Frond
Date: 2015-10-01
Venue: Bassy Club
City: Berlin
Country: Germany

Recording: Marinus Beers

Recording position: center, about 2,5 meters from the stage.

Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 cardoid mics > Church Audio CA-STC-9000 battery box > Zoom H4 recorder at 24 bit, 44,1 Khz > 4Gb Kingston SD memory card.

Processing: Raw files copied to hard disc > Normalizing both channels separately and splitting into tracks at 16bit-44.1Khz with Audacity 2.1.1 > Encoding to FLAC Level 6 with xACT 2.36 > Tagging files with xACT 2.36 > creating Fingerprint file for the audio-files and an md5 checksum file for all the files in the folder with xACT 2.36.


01 Intro Jam [4:46]
02 Hole Song #2 [5:33]
03 Maybe [6:30]
04 Lights Are Changing [5:33]
05 Pale Blue Blood [10:36]
06 Reflections In A Tall Mirror [4:59]
07 Superseded [19:40]
08 He’d Be A Diamond [2:52]
09 High In A Flat [5:22]
10 Eyes In The Back Of My Head [4:22]
11 Manual Labour [4:47]
12 Stain On The Sun [6:24]
13 Band Introduction [1:16]
14 Olde Worlde [5:25]
15 Encore break [1:01]
16 Parchman Farm [3:59]

Total duration 1 hour 33 minutes and 13 seconds

Line up:

Nick Saloman - Guitars, Vocals
Adrian Shaw - Bass, Vocals
Paul Simmons - Guitar
Dave Pearce - Drums

The usual requests:
Share only in lossless format with this info-file included.
Encoding to mp3 or other compressed formats only for personal use.
Absolutely NO SELLING [You got it for free, pass it on for free!]

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Enjoy and share the music!

First shared on Dime by marinus, 2015-10-12

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