Bevis Frond
Sonic Rock Solstice Festival
Stoke Prior Spaceport, Earth
17th June 2016

Instrumental Jam
Hole Song #2
Lights Are Changing
Pale Blue Blood
Eyes In The Back Of My Head
Reflections In A Tall Mirror
High In A Flat
He'd Be A Diamond
Parchman Farm
Olde World

Nick Saloman - Guitar & Vocals
Paul Simmons - Guitar
Adrian Shaw - Bass
Dave Pierce - Drums
Big Dave Johnson - Lights

Audio Lineage :
Stereo mics* > iriver H340(using rockbox firmware) wav > usb transfer to pc > Soundforge Pro 10(trims,fades & splits) WAV > TLH (SBE & FLAC conversion.

*Panasonic WM-60AT condenser microphone cartridges.
Specifications: Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz, -44 dB +/- 5 dB sensitivity, sound to noise ratio > 58 dB.

Dedicated to Dave Read (Hill), one of the biggest Frond fans over the years. RIP