Forum, Enger, Germany
October - 27 - 1984

from MILAN collection # 004

Rec. Info:
Aiwa Walkman with plug-in mics -> Mastercassette -> tranfer via Onkyo tapedeck (all unknown type) -> masterfiles via WETransfer (WAV 16/44) -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 ->
This sounds a bit uneven and thin on the lower ends, but sometimes very nice. Unfortunately another recording done with that fucking automatic gain control, which increased the audience
chatter/tunings between the songs to an almost louder level than the music itself. It's not a real good tape, but it's listenable. AND IT'S FROM FORUM ENGER, my old second livingroom
way back in the late 80's. So there's no chance than to unleash this...

Huh, as stated in the introduction, this was the SECOND band of a triple bill that night at lovely Forum in Enger (a "Megacity" near Bielefeld, you know - the city that does not exist).
Guess the JASEMINE MINK was opening, and the JESUS AND MARY CHAIN were to close. Both other recordings are here, and will be shared soon...
So, what about BIFF BANG POW? Never heard of them, so this was a premiere listening to their music. Well from my view, a lot of Mod-style 60's psychedelic sounds, but also a few moments
which reminded me a lot of the fabulous DREAM SYNDICATE or similar bands like RAIN PARADE, though those were of american origin.
Unfortunately the vocals were almost buried in the mix (a very upfront recording?), so there was no chance to get a proper setlist. Maybe someone can help?
Hope you like that, and maybe some more tapes from FORUM ENGER will emerge here...SB.

FULL SHOW (41:21 min.)

01. Intro -> ... (4:00)
02. A day out with Jeremy Chester (3:41)
03. ... (2:32)
04. ... (3:18)
05. Talk and tune (1:13)
06. The chocolate elephant man (3:56)
07. Waterbomb (1:57)
08. ... (3:12)
09. ... (2:26)
10. ... (3:25)
11. ... (2:52)
12. ... (3:40)
13. ... -> (3:05)
14. I can see for miles (1:59) *

* of course, the WHO song.

Please do not convert to lossy files unless for personal use only.
If you sell - eat mud in hell!


Alan McGhee - guitar, vocals
Dick Green - guitar
Joe Foster - bass
Ken Opple - drums