"Big Al" Carson & the Blues Masters
5/2/2014 -
Blues Tent,
Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, LA
2014 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

01. intro by Quint Davis -> :17
02. Steal Away 4:33
03. I'm Ready (with band intros) 7:47
04. School Boy Crush 7:36
05. Callin' You Out 5:08

**=w/ band intros opening

Total: 25:23

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"steal away" - Jimmy Hughes, artist (1st release in 5/1964); Jimmy Hughes, writer
"i'm ready" - Muddy Water & His Guitar, artist (1st recording on 9/1/1954); Willie Dixon, writer
"school boy crush" - Average White Band, artist;
Roger Ball/Malcolm "Molly" Duncan/Steve Ferrone/Alan Gorrie/Onnie McIntyre/Hamish Stuart, writers

Alton "Big Al" Carson - vox
Harold J.Scott - bass
Harry Sterling - guitar, b.vox
Carl Baham - drums
Michael Bagent - keys, Hammond B3 organ, piano, synthesizer
George Scott - guitar
Patrick Williams - saxophone, b.vox

This excerpt was broadcast on May 2, 2020, on WWOZ-FM in New Orleans.
This is from the FM broadcast, not the online stream.
"WWOZ Presents Jazz Festing In Place, 2020"

source: WWOZ-FM > Onkyo TX-TZ730 receiver > Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd generation) audio interface > USB > MacBook Air (1.8GHz, Dual-Core Intel Core i5, OSX 10.15.3) > SoX > flac (44.1 kHz, 16bit, level 8 compression) > iZotope RX 6 v6.00.1210 (trimmed) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.49 (level 8 compression) > flac
recorded by nolataper

remastering & info research by vanillag, 8/2020:
nolataper's source flac files > Traders Little Helper > Sound Forge 14 > Traders Little Helper > flac
--repaired DC offset; EQ'd; adjusted balance; swapped channels; manually combed through & repaired broadcast dropouts;
removed clicks manually; Wave Hammer plugin used to apply compression and limiting to reduce volume of DJs;
retracked; fades

vanillag NOTES:
--This set was performed from 1:30pm-2:25pm.
--45th Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
--At 17 seconds into t01, I did a short crossfade into t02 to make it cleaner as there was a silence there after the intro & then
it jumped into the crowd & it just flows better/more naturally (IMO) this way.
--At 4:33 into t02 (after the tune), I did a short crossfade into t03 to make it cleaner as the crowd came to an abrupt end there &
then there was a silence/gap followed by jumping into t03...again, it just flows better/more naturally (IMO) this way.
--At 7:41 into t03, I did a short crossfade to get rid of 9.5 seconds of DJ announcements...just flowed it into the next part of the
set to keep the show going.

Here is the actual setlist. Not all songs were broadcast in 2020:
1. intro by Quint Davis>
--Never Make Your Move Too Soon #
--One Way Out #
--Smokestack Lightning #
2. Steal Away
--The House Of the Rising Sun #
--Going Down #
3. I'm Ready **
--Voodoo Child (Slight Return) #
4. School Boy Crush
5. Callin' You Out

#=not broadcast
**=w/ band intros opening

Additional edits by nolataper, 12/2020
vanillag's flac files > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.50 (sector boundaries repaired; tagged) > flac

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