Cassette Tape #032

Transfer by Keith Kreider 01/20/2019

Source Info:
Unknown Cassette:Nakamichi ZX-7 > Sound Devices Mixpre-6 @ 24/96

Side A:

Side B:

Notes: Listed as:
"Bill Monroe 1965-Sep-xx First Bluegrass Festival (c032)"

Toyoda-Otsuka Cassette Tape #032 features a portion of famed bluegrass promoter Carlton Haney’s “Bluegrass Story“ from the genre’s VERY first bluegrass festival, held at Cantrell’s Horse Farm in Fincastle, VA, in early-September 1965. Haney tells the story of the development of bluegrass music by featuring Bill Monroe, “The Father of Bluegrass”, along with a host of marvelous special guests including Larry Richardson, Jimmy Martin, Carter & Ralph Stanley, and others. “Historic” barely captures it. Note: this recording continues on Cassette Tape #033.

—Mitchell Wittenberg

Carlton Haney’s “Bluegrass Story”
with Bill Monroe & Special Guests
Cantrell’s Horse Farm
Fincastle, VA
September 5, 1965
(The Very First Bluegrass Festival)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Side A:
01. (Carlton Haney Talk)
02. My Little Georgia Rose
03. (Carlton Haney Talk)
04. Sally Ann (Larry Richardson-banjo)
05. (Carlton Haney Talk)
06. The Old Crossroads (Jimmy Martin/Bill Monroe-vocal duet)
07. (Carlton Haney Talk)
08. Memories of Mother & Dad (Jimmy Martin/Bill Monroe-vocal duet)
09. (Carlton Haney, Jimmy Martin, & Bill Monroe Talk)
10. Mansions For Me (Jimmy Martin/Bill Monroe-vocal duet)
11. (Carlton Haney Talk-Don Reno Talk-Benny Martin Talk)(x)

Side B:
01. (x)(Carlton Haney Talk-Don Reno Talk-Benny Martin Talk)
02. (Carlton Haney Talk)
03. The Cabin of Love (with Carter Stanley-vocal)
04. Sugar Coated Love (with Carter Stanley-vocal)
05. (Bill Monroe Talk)
06. Hard Times (Ralph Stanley-banjo)
07. (Carlton Haney Talk)
08. Big Tilda (Ralph Stanley-banjo)
09. (Carlton Haney Talk)
10. Mansions For Me (Carter Stanley/Bill Monroe-vocal duet)
11. (Carlton Haney Talk)
12. What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul (Carter Stanley/Bill Monroe-vocal duet)
13. (Carlton Haney Talk)
14. Live and Let Live (Peter Rowan/Bill Monroe-vocal duet)(x)