Cassette Tape #033

Transfer by Keith Kreider 01/20/2019

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Unknown Cassette:Nakamichi ZX-7 > Sound Devices Mixpre-6 @ 24/96

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Side B:

Notes: Listed as:
"Bill Monroe 1965-Sep-xx First Bluegrass Festival (c033)"

Toyoda-Otsuka Cassette Tape #033, a continuation of Cassette #032, features the tail-end portion of famed bluegrass promoter Carlton Haney’s “Bluegrass Story” from the genre’s VERY first bluegrass festival, held at Cantrell’s Horse Farm in Fincastle, VA, September 5, 1965. Haney tells the story of the development of bluegrass music by featuring Bill Monroe, “The Father of Bluegrass”, along with a host of marvelous special guests. At this stage of the “Story”, Haney has begun to introduce the then modern day Blue Grass Boys. The recording seems to have been edited somewhat, making the chronology a bit confusing about three-quarters of the way through Side A.

—Mitchell Wittenberg

Carlton Haney’s “Bluegrass Story”
with Bill Monroe & Special Guests
Cantrell’s Horse Farm - Fincastle, VA
September 5, 1965
(The Very First Bluegrass Festival)

Side A:
01. Live and Let Live (Peter Rowan-vocals)
02. (Carlton Haney Talk…Peter Rowan Describes Bluegrass Music)
03. Roanoke (Gene Lowinger-fiddle)
04. (Carlton Haney Talk)
05. Muleskinner Blues
06. (Carlton Haney Talk)
07. Muleskinner Blues (reprise)/John Henry
08. (Carlton Haney Talk)
09. (Carlton Haney: Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys Intro)
10. Muleskinner Blues
11. (Carlton Haney Talk)
12. Uncle Pen
13. (Carlton Haney Talk)
14. John Hardy (Rual Yarbrough-banjo)(x)

Side B:
01. John Hardy (Rual Yarbrough-banjo)
02. (Carlton Haney Talk)
03. I Haven’t Seen Mary In Years (James Monroe-vocal)
04. (Carlton Haney Talk)
05. Monroe’s Hornpipe (Kenny Baker-fiddle)
06. (Carlton Haney Talk)
07. Fiddle Tune (?)(with J.B. Prince-fiddle, Wilson Brothers & Joanne)
08. (Carlton Haney Talk)
09. Roll On Buddy, Roll On
10. (Carlton Haney Talk)
11. White House Blues
12. (Carlton Haney Talk)
13. Light At The River (Wilson Brothers & Joanne-vocals)
14. (Carlton Haney Talk)(x)