Billy Joe Shaver and Diamondback Texas
Live at Smith's Olde Bar
July 29, 2005

Recorded by Carlton Freeman, plugged into
soundboard on unknown equipment. Sent
to Rawson Gordon on CD and ripped
by with dBpoweramp music
converter. It's my first torrent
creation, please email with suggestions
for improvement.

01 Introduction
02 Georgia on a Fast Train
03 Honey Bee
04 That's What She Said Last Night - Black Rose
05 Just Because You Asked Me To
06 I'm Just An Old Chunk of Coal
07 When the Fallen Angels Fly
08 Star in my Heart
09 Live Forever
10 Manual Labor
11 Hottest Thing in Town
12 Hottest Thing in Town pt.2
13 You Wouldn't Know Love (if You Fell in it)
14 Thunderbird
15 "anti-suicide story"
16 Ragged Ol' Truck
17 Ride Me Down Easy
18 Tramp on your Street
19 Hearts-a-Bustin'
20 Good Ol' USA
21 Try and Try Again
22 'Til the Cows Come Home
23 You Can't Beat Jesus Christ