BILLY JOEL - October 13, 2018 A Ballfield - Winston-Salem, NC.- VG/VG- AUD recording

Captured from the field, Section A, Row 35

Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, high-sensitivity mic setting) > Audacity (FLAC 6) > DIME > you

Beautiful, clear, and crisp fall evening with the Mrs and one of the all-time great American singer / songwriter.. a satisfying trip down memory lane for the 30,000+/-
folks singing along to every song,,, thanks for Billy Joel (and his fabulously talented band) for including North Carolina on your limited tour outside of the Big Apple�
Billy mentions that it�s been 16 years since he visited North Caroline (Greensboro) and had a little fun reminding us that it was with �the other piano player guy�.

The recording is not my best work for sure but captures the vibe of a large stadium show and will be a good memento for those who were there.. I had my recorder on AUTO
recording mode and usually it doesn�t max out and clip at the high ends but alas, that wasn�t the case tonight� I suppose that we were a little too close to the stage and
then directly in front of the speaker stack, so the high end is clipped on most of the rocking tunes� I added two samples for your consideration� a ballad and a rocker so
that you can decide if the recording works for your ears.

Other than that, the crowd around was generally respectful with not too much �loud singing� and only an occasional �WOO HOO� so from that standpoint, the recording is
pretty solid. Billy still wows �em after all these years with his witty between-song stories and jokes etc�and of course, the music is a catalogue of some of our most
endearing radio songs from our youth. I tracked the first few times Billy chatted with the crowd, but then just left the between-song banter at the end of each song
just to cut down on all the tracking.. same with the two songs where they bust into a different tune midway through (ZZ Top�s Tush and Zep�s Rock And Roll) just left
them both as a single track.

As always, do whatever you want with this � except sell it because that ain�t cool.. Your comments are always appreciated�

01 Big Shot
02 My Life (with snippet from Beethoven's 9th Symphony)
03 Billy greeting,,,
04 The Entertainer
05 Billy chats
06 Vienna
07 The Lion Sleeps Tonight snippet .. the �warm up�
08 The Longest Time
09 Zanzibar
10 Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
11 Don't Ask Me Why
12 New York State Of Mind
13 Keeping the Faith
14 And So It Goes
15 Allentown
16 Sometimes a Fantasy
17 She's Always a Woman
18 Respect
19 Only The Good Die Young
20 The River of Dreams (with Tush interlude)
21 Nessun dorma
22 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
23 Piano Man

24 crowd
25 We Didn't Start The Fire
26 Uptown Girl
27 It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
28 You Might Be Right (with Rock And Roll interlude)