Blackberry Smoke
12th June 2015
Liquid Rooms

Recorded on Olympus WS832 WAV - Flac level8 via TLH

Six Ways to Sunday
Leave a Scar
Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
Pretty Little Lie
Fire in the Hole
Rock and Roll Again
Good One Comin' On
Crimson Moon
Sleeping Dogs @Info[segwayed into "Your Time Is Gonna Come" by Led Zeppelin]
Shakin' Hands With the Holy Ghost
Wish in One Hand
The Whippoorwill
One Horse Town
Up in Smoke
Ain't Got the Blues
Woman in the Moon
Payback's a Bitch
Too High
Shake Your Magnolia
Holding All the Roses
Ain't Much Left of Me

Do what you want with the recording other than selling it !

Sample in comments.
A Scooby Recording