Bilcher Hemmer Gadd Project
Lost Lane
Dublin, Ireland
6 Nov 2019, 2nd show (10pm)

Michael Blicher - saxophones
Dan Hemmer - Hammond organ
Steve Gadd - drums

01 introduction (by the promoter) 3:19
02 dead air 0:13
03 MB chat 0:51
04 Well I'm Not Really Much Into Dancing 6:17
05 MB chat 1:27
06 Tremay 6:23
07 MB chat 1:05
08 Umara (from the red album) 6:58
09 MB chat 1:03
10 Get That Motor Runnin' * 4:22
11 MB chat 1:08
12 Lady Tambourine 6:09
13 MB chat 1:33
14 The Moment She Falls Asleep * 8:42
15 MB chat 0:41
16 Mr. T * 6:53
17 MB chat 0:57
18 Roll * 6:07
19 unknown title 4:31
20 MB band intro 0:22
21 crowd noise 0:24
22 MB chat 1:28
23 The First One to Know * 4:19
24 MB goodbyes 0:32

* on their new album, released 1-Nov-2019

TT 1:15:48

Source: Zoom H4n > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > TLH (convert to FLAC 5) > FLAC
Replay gain added using Foobar2000:
Album Gain (on all tracks) +8.0 dB. All tracks where Michael Bilcher is talking, track gain +15.0 dB.
A tiny bit of clipping here and there for the music, especially on the next-to-last song, plus a fair
bit during applause, due to the shouting and clapping from the row behind me.

From the Lost Lane webpage for the BLICHER HEMMER GADD show:
Dublinjazz is extremely excited to bring you one of the top 10 drummers of all time, Steve Gadd.
He will be performing with the Blicher Hemmer Gadd project, a fantastic organ trio with award
winning Danish Saxophonist Michael Blicher and Danish organ wizard Dan Hemmer.

These guys have been performed over 60 concerts together. They have developed a unique sound all
their own and in the trio format each gets to display their incredible musicianship.


Award winning saxophonist Michael Blicher, Hammond wizard Dan Hemmer and legendary drummer Steve
Gadd joined forces in 2014 to celebrate their shared love for Hammond-organ soul/jazz. The band
has now played more than 50 shows throughout the world and released 2 albums. Their third album
will be released in November 2019.

This band is a unique opportunity to experience the worlds most innovative drummer unfold his
talent, playing a kind of music that he is most passionate about. �This is honest Music. No one
plays like this anymore.� Steve Gadd says.

Their first album �Blicher Hemmer Gadd� was released in 2014.

The latest album, �Omara�, was released on a 2018 release-tour, that brought the band to Australia,
Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.