Blue Highway

July 17, 2007
Music In The Zoo Concert Series,
Sacramento Zoo,
Sacramento, CA

Source info:
SBD > Zoom H4 > WAV (44Hz 16bit)

Master digital recording by Tom Stone
Edited & mastered using Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
January 09, 2020

The Players
- Jason Burleson; banjo, guitar, mandolin
- Shawn Lane; mandolin, fiddle, guitar, vocals
- Tim Stafford; guitar, vocals
- Wayne Taylor; bass, vocals
- Rob Ickes; resonator guitar

- set I -
s1t01 - intro
s1t02 - Marbletown
s1t03 - Three-Finger Jack
s1t04 - Lonesome Pine
s1t05 - Born with A Hammer in My Hand
s1t06 - Some Day
s1t07 - Monrobro
s1t08 - I Used To Love Parades
s1t09 - Find Me Out On A Mountaintop
s1t10 - Lonesome Road Blues
s1t11 - Before The Cold Wind Blows
s1t12 - Nothing but A Whippoorwill

- set II -
s2t01 - tuning
s2t02 - I Hung My Head
s2t03 - Still Climbing Mountains
s2t04 - Wild Urge to Ramble
s2t05 - Seven Sundays in A Row
s2t06 - Cold Harbor
s2t07 - Riding The Danville Pike
s2t08 - The Old Rugged Cross
s2t09 - [Ralph Stanley does Black Dog]
s2t10 - Love Me Darling Just Tonight (Ralph Stanley)
s2t11 - Clear Cut
s2t12 - [Grammy losers]
s2t13 - Wondrous Love
s2t14 - Machine Gun Kelly
- encore -
s2t15 - Midnight Rider -> Rubin

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[J.Noel 10 January 2020]

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