Bluegrass Allstars
Jan 23,1988
The Birchmere,
Alexandria, VA
Etree showid = 68552

Taped from nak to nak with a
Maxell XLIIS 90 tape in early 1990's.

NAK -> Cass(X2) -> RME DIGI Interface ->
Samplitude 6.0 -> Flac

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 02/11/2007
From pjh analog tape collection

Disc 1 (45:41)
01 //Nine Pound Hammer 5:22
02 Slipstream 6:17
03 Ginseng Sullivan 3:53
04 Wayfaring Traveler 3:08
05 Cincinnati Rag 3:05
06 Home From the Forest 4:47
07 Poor Richards Blues 5:14
08 Molly and Tenbrooks 4:50
09 Banjo/Fiddle Medley 2:29
10 You Don't Know My Mind 4:55
11 Old Train 1:41

Disc 2 (46:43)
01 Talk 2:35
02 Emphysema Two Step 4:57
03 Fare Thee Well 5:56
04 Natchez Trace 6:13
05 Blue Railroad Train 3:47
06 Sunny Side of the Mountain 4:08
07 Bela solo 7:04
08 Talk 1:45
09 Cold on the Shoulder 3:10
10 Daybreak in Dixie 5:31
11 Little Sadie// 1:37

Tony Rice
Sam Bush
Bela Fleck
Jerry Douglas
Steward Duncan
Mark Shatz

The source listed at etree for this
show is:

SBD->cassette sound board master>cassette
copy metal tape> Sony SBM A\D converter>ZA2...
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is the etree entry for this show.

I got this in a trade a long time ago
and converted my cassette to CD. This is
an outstanding performance and a great
group of musicians. Sound quality is
excellent. Looks like this is the
majority of the show but not all
of it.

From Etree
Etree showid = 68552

Bluegrass Allstars 01/23/88
The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA
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Date: 01/23/88
Year: 1988
Venue: The Birchmere
City: Alexandria
State: VA
Set I
Nine Pound Hammer, Slipstream, Ginseng Sullivan, Wayfaring Traveler, Cincinnati Rag, Home From the Forest, Poor Richards Blues, Molly and Tenbrooks, Banjo/Fiddle Medley, You Don't Know My Mind, Lawnmower (Whitewater),
Set II
Old Train, Emphysema Two Step, Fare Thee Well, Natchez Trace, Blue Railroad Train, Sunny Side of the Mountain, Bela solo, A New Day Medley (Flux solo), Cold on the Shoulder, Daybreak in Dixie, Little Sadie, Big Man, The Lights of Home, Me and My Guitar, Encore: John Hardy