Blues Traveler
Under Acme
New York, NY
March 31, 1989

Master: SBD > Cass(x)
taper unknown; tape provided by Eric Brodsky

Conversion: Tascam DA-20 > Microtrack 24/96 > WAV > Sound Studio 4.2 > xACT 2.15 > FLAC
by Dave Mallick

Recording notes:
- This is almost definitely an incomplete recording, but this is all
that has ever circulated.
- The first song of each set cuts in, and a tape flip cuts out the very
beginning of Mother Funker.
- There is a hum/buzz coming from the PA that is particularly audible
between songs. I was not able to eliminate it without affecting the
music, so I elected to leave it in.

Historical notes:
This show circulated for a very long time as the oldest show out there,
dated April 1st, labeled Acme, then Acme Underground. However, John's
commentary at the very beginning of this recording dates it to a day
earlier, and another show gets the venue name right.

John mentions his own birthday "the day before" - you can even hear a
tiny snippet of John's lounge-singer-esque delivery of Happy Birthday
after Bad To The Bone - it sounds like he's singing "[happy birthday] to
us..." Since John's birthday is March 29th, that dates this show to the
31st. Further evidence of the venue can be heard at the end of the
recently surfaced 3/26/89 show, when John and Bobby mention a show at
Under Acme. Acme was the name of the restaurant upstairs from the venue,
and in the late 80's/early 90's, the room was known as Under Acme - it
didn't change to Acme Underground until the mid 90's.

Thanks to Eric for loaning me a definite upgrade to my hissy 4th-gen
cassette, and enjoy a recording nearly 23 years in the making.

CD 1 (48:35) -
01. //Warmer Days >
02. Gotta Get Mean >
03. Gloria >
04. Gotta Get Mean
05. But Anyway
06. Out Of My Hands *
07. Come Together
08. Crash Burn >
09. Bad To The Bone//

CD 2 (48:04) -
01. //Mother Funker
02. //Alone
03. 100 Years *
04. Love Of My Life > *
05. And So It Goes >
06. Sweet Talking Hippie
07. Trust In Trust
08. Miss You

* with Roger Fox on flute


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1995-10-21 ("100 Years," "Sweet-Talking Hippie," "Imagine")
1995-10-22 ("Crash Burn," "But Anyway," "Love & Greed," "NY Prophesie")
1995-10-24 ("Gina")
1995-10-28 ("Freedom")
1995-11-25 ("Mountain Cry," "Go Outside & Drive > Low Rider > Go Outside & Drive > Low Rider")
1995-11-28 ("Alone")
2001-09-30 ("Back In The Day," "All Hands")
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