Blues Traveler
April 4, 1993
Burruss Auditorium
Blacksburg, VA

Source: SBD Matrix>?>Cass>Nakamichi 480>Benchmark AD2402-96 @ 16/44 > Soundforge (Edit and normalize only)>CDWAV>FLAC16

Cassette digitized May 2020 by Jamie Lutch

Set One
1. Dropping Some NYC
2. Ivory Tusk
3. Optimistic Thought
4. Save His Soul
5. Believe Me
6. Mulling it Over
7. Letter from a Friend
8. Should I Stay or Should I Go
9. What's For Breakfast
10.Brother John

Set Two partial
1. (cuts in) The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
2. Gina
3. Bulshitter's Lament
4. Conquer Me
5. But Anyway
6. E: Whoops

After 27 years this show has never surfaced in a digital form, or been in common circulation, as far as i know.

While I am unsure of the exact cassette generation, I believe it is 2 gens off the master, which could have been a cassette or a DAT has 100 Years and Sweet Pain before the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, which seems plausible. There is definitely a good chunk of the beginning of the second set missing.

The right channel was a few dB lower, thsi appears to be the mix coming off the board.When i normalized both channels independently, the crowd noise in the right channel came up a good bit. Considering how little crowd mix is in here, i decided balancing the channels based on the music itself was more important

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