Blues Traveler
Three Sister's Park
Moonshine Stage
Summer Camp Music Festival
Chillicothe, IL

Source: AUD > Shure PG-58's (left of soundboard) > Sony D5
Transfer: JVC TD-W354 > Audacity 1.2.4 > CDWAV > FLAC16
Recorded and transferred by: Taperwayne ( with assistance from Garrett Huck

-One Set-

01. bt.2014-05-24.t01
02. bt.2014-05-24.t02
03. bt.2014-05-24.t03
04. bt.2014-05-24.t04
05. bt.2014-05-24.t05
06. bt.2014-05-24.t06
07. bt.2014-05-24.t07
08. bt.2014-05-24.t08
09. bt.2014-05-24.t09
10. bt.2014-05-24.t10
11. bt.2014-05-24.t11
12. bt.2014-05-24.t12
13. bt.2014-05-24.t13
14. bt.2014-05-24.t14
15. bt.2014-05-24.t15

Published setlist:

Things Are Looking Up
What I Got
You Reach Me
NY Prophesie
The Beacons
But Anyway
What's for Breakfast
Thinnest of Air
The Beacons
Cara Let the Moon
Carolina Blues

Notes: I guessed on some of the track splits on this, at the time, and clearly got it wrong.
Also, a cable came loose at one point, when I was bumped by a drunken attendee.
It does not affect the recording much.
I brought beater taper gear to this Summer Camp, and was just taping for fun.
This is a genuine analog > flac transfer, just like the old days.
It turns out, that this is the only circulating copy, at this point, so it was worth it.
I have to thank my bro in law Garrett Huck for helping set up and guard gear during the show!
I had fun!