The Bluesbusters
Houston, TX, USA
Mono SBD
October 12, 1986

Master tape recorded on a Sony TC-D5M on Maxell XLII90 Tape w/Dolby B.
Played back on a Nak Dragon with Dolby B through an Avid MBox Mini III into a PC running WaveLab 6.11 software.
The resulting WAVs were tracked and faded in Audition.
The resulting WAVs were then converted to FLAC (Level 8) and a .ffp was generated using Trader's Little Helper.
The FLACs were tagged using foobar 2000 v1.2.6.

Paul Barr�re - guitar, vocals
Catfish Hodge - vocals, acoustic guitar
T Lavitz - keys
Freebo - bass, tuba, vocals
Larry Zack - drums

Kenny Hirsch - harmonica on*
Rick Wilson? - harmonica on*

Disc 1
01 Goin' Fishin'
02 Phone Don't Ring
03 Down Over The Border
04 All That You Dream
05 Between Coming And Going
06 Tongue Stuck In The Mud
07 Stone Crazy (tape flip)
08 Skin It Back
09 To The Left

Disc 2
10 Dixie Chicken
11 Goin' To The Country
12 Down On The Farm
13 T plays a little Bach > Bad News, Good News* (part 1) (tape flip; ~8 seconds missing)
14 Bad News, Good News (part 2)
15 Old Folks Boogie
16 (Request for and fulfillment of ) > Miss Clara's Cookin'
17 Boogie Man (Paul's solo includes "Third Stone From The Sun", "Cat's Squirrel")
18 Encore: intro to a Wayne Newton song...
19 Pump It Up

Tracks can be played continuously, as well as burned to 2 audio discs.