This was posted by barefoot in Nov. '06. For some reason, this Dylan only portion (Source 2) and a complete show (called Source 1, which I uploaded in a separate torrent) were not assigned separate LB numbers but were given together a single number [LB-4439]. barefoot remarked, "Both shows sourced from Les Kokay RTR '75 data DVDs in current circulation. Source 1 FLACs had micro gaps removed, Source 2 FLACs were speed corrected. For those only interested in downloading the 'best' sounding show, Source 2 is the better of the two." commented, "Source 1 is a close EAC match to Les Kotay LB-3692; Source 2 looks like one of the low generation sources LB-2235 or LB-4185 only slowed down..."

I posted another Dylan only portion mentioned in the quote above [LB-2235] in Jan. '14, but it is off the tracker now. It would be interesting to hear a segment of a tune from Source 2 and compare it with the same segment from LB-2235. I don't have LB-2235 easily at hand, unfortunately.

I did provide oodles of samples below, including a comparison of the same ten second segment from the beginning of Sources 1 and 2 "It Ain't Me, Babe." They seem to be closely matched up time wise but I was surprised Source 2 wasn't remarkably better than Source 1.

Nothing has been released commercially. I changed nothing so the .ffp match up with those noted in the site.

Bob Dylan
Civic Center
Providence, Rhode Island USA
November 4, 1975 � afternoon show

Source 2: Source 2 - Dylan only (speed corrected). Dylan only. "Version "a"; afternoon show, Audience recording. Dylan parts only., This was requested. It's a good show but a noisy recording. It's been bootlegged several times. This copy is from an old tape and is probably the same recording as the bootlegs., Lineage: cassette > unspecified number of tape generations--> Gina soundcard.; bittorrent download 12/04; sound improvement over previous version as this one is more listenable; very good to excellent sound [A-]"

LB-4439 - Source 2

01. When I Paint My Masterpiece
02. It Ain't Me, Babe
03. Romance In Durango (Bob Dylan�Jacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
04. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
05. Isis (Bob Dylan�Jacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
06. Blowin' In The Wind
07. Never Let Me Go (Joseph C. Scott)
08. The Water Is Wide (traditional)
09. I Shall Be Released
10. With God On Our Side
11. Oh, Sister (Bob Dylan�Jacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
12. Hurricane (Bob Dylan�Jacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
13. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
14. Sara
15. Just Like A Woman
16. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
17. This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

Total time = 92:07

Personnel (for the entire concert):
Bob Dylan - vocal, guitar, & harmonica
Bob Neuwirth - guitar, vocals
T-Bone J. Henry Burnett - guitar, vocals
Roger McGuinn - guitar, vocals
Steven Soles - guitar
Mick Ronson - guitar
David Mansfield - steel guitar, violin, mandolin, & dobro)
Rob Stoner - bass
Howie Wyeth - piano, drums
Luther Rix - drums, percussion
Ronee Blakley - vocal
Scarlet Rivera - violin
Joan Baez - vocals, guitar