Catch A Fire
Alternate Version
[album release date April 13, 1973]

All Non Commercial sources
Sources: Pre-FM Reels, Studio & Vinyl

Lineage: All sources > Adobe Audition 3 (see notes) > Flac16

01. Concrete Jungle [5/1/73: BBC Session] (3:48)
02. Slave Driver [5/1/73: BBC Session] (3:18)
03. 400 Years [early 1972 Recording Session] (2:54)
04. Stop That Train [10/24/73; Capitol Records Rehearsal Session] (3:58)
05. Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby) [Island edit unissued] (2:37)
06. Stir It Up [10/24/73; Capitol Records Rehearsal Session] (6:36)
07. Kinky Reggae [11/26/73: BBC Session] (3:45)
08. No More Trouble [10/24/73: Capitol Records Rehearsal Session] (3:41)
09. Midnight Ravers [Tuff Gong edit unissued] (3:39)

10. All Day, All Night [Outtake from Catch A Fire rehersals] (4:08)
11. High Tide or Low Tide [Outtake from Catch A Fire rehersals] (3:25)
12. Stop That Train (Instrumental) [Island 7" or 12" single B side never issued] (2:35)
13. Rock It Version - Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby) (no vocals) [Tuff Gong 7" or 12" single B side never issued] (3:18)
14. Midnight Ravers (no vocals) [Tuff Gong 7" or 12" single B side never issued] (3:20)

Total Time 51:02

Band Members
Bob Marley - guitar & vocals
Peter Tosh - organ, guitar, piano & vocals
Aston "Family Man" Barrett - bass guitar
Carlton "Carlie" Barrett - drums
Bunny Wailer - bongos, conga & vocals
Joe Higgs - percussion & vocals [replaced Bunny on Tracks 4,6 & 8]
Earl 'Wya' Lindo - keyboards [on Tracks 1,2,4,6,7 & 8]
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - keyboards [on possible Tracks 5,9, & 10-14]
Wayne Perkins - guitar [on possible Tracks 5,9, & 10-14]

Source Notes
Tracks 1,2,4,6,7 & 8 originated from Pre-FM Reels & obtained in shn and/or flac format in 1999
Tracks 5,9,12,13 & 14 originated in studios from May - October 1972 & obtained from Kazo records [a/b sides - Black Vinyl 3-01] in flac format in 2000
Tracks 3,10 & 11 originated in studios from May - October 1972 & obtained in shn and/or flac format in 1999

All tracks have been put through adobe audition 3 to be cleaned up and or trimmed to create a nice listening flow with no abrupt volume changes for your pleasure. NO music has been lost and or sacrificed to make it sound cleaner. NO artificial enhencers have been used to add to the sound. Also No Normalization has been used. All Tracks are Lossless

These are the Best Sources used to re-create the original album in its original order.
Some of these tracks may be new to you both in Sound and/or Quality
NO Tracks have been used from any commercially releases.

This project has been done out of Love for Bob Marley and his music for keeping me positive in the bumps on the roads i have and travel each and every day.

Project Completed February 2012
Happy Jack [a.k.a. dedhd69]

HOPE ALL ENJOY THIS PROJECT as much as i did putting this together for all of you

added notes by happy jack
added spectral analysis [SA] for track 3
added frequency anlysis [FA] for track 3
added md5 verfied then checked and passed
added flac fingerprints
created and added artwork
SBEs fixed verified then checked and passed

DO NOT Sell !!!!


Happy Jack

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