Bob Weir and the Wolf Brothers
Landmark Theatre
Syracuse, NY
Thursday Nov 8th

#####16/44 VERSION

Source : 24/96
MikroUsi Pro Omnis>5ft stand >Naiant Little Box>
Sony PCM -M10 front row left loge
Seats 25/27
Recorded and mastered Duncan aka hotdog1
Uploaded Dolphinsmile

set1: 01:17:30
d1t01. crowd/tuning
d1t02. Jack Straw
d1t03. Gonesville
d1t04. Me & My Uncle
d1t05. Peggy-O
d1t06. Deep Ellem Blues->
d1t07. Althea
d1t08. Loose Lucy
d1t09. Bird Song**

set2: 01:29:00
d2t01. Easy To Slip
d2t02. Two Djinn
d2t03. All Along The Watchtower
d2t04. The Music Never Stopped->
d2t05. Shakey Ground
d2t06. Wharf Rat**
d2t07. China Cat Sunflower**->
d2t08. I Know You Rider**
d2t09. encore break
d2t10. Down By The River**
d2t11. Ripple**

**w/ Mikaela Davis - Harp, vocals

Bob Weir - guitars, lead vocals
Jay Lane - drums, vocals
Don Was - acoustic Bass