Bobby Previte
Birmingham CBSO
Birmingham, UK
6 February 2004

Bobby Previte - drums
Charlie Hunter - 8 string guitar
DJ Logic - turntables

01 Introduction (1:24)
02 Live Improvisation (55:41)
03 Band Intros and Closing Remarks (1:02)

Broadcast: 8 April 2005
Source: BBC Radio 3 - Jazz on 3, via Sky Digital Receiver at 192 kbps
Lineage: Receiver>Audio CD Recorder>CDRW>EAC>HD>CD Wave>FLAC

Comments & Research --

> This was seeded on Dime/EZT on 13-Apr-2005 by "JC" (Torrent #36841).

> 23 Constellations
Although this was recorded by BBC at the Birmingham (UK) CBSO on 6 Feb 2004, this is not "The 23
Constellations of Joan Miro", recorded on that same date & location and which has been released by Previte.
See his Discography page in general or his Bandcamp page for the
Birmingham CBSO recording of 23 Constellations, at -- This is clearly a
completely different piece.

> Groundtruther: duo Project with Charlie Hunter
There is also a recording in the Groundtruther section of the Discography page, with this same lineup as this
performance (i.e., Bobby Previte, Charlie Hunter and DJ Logic). However, the Bandcamp page for that recording
( ) says that it was recorded September 2004,
at Spin Studio Astoria, NY. So this also is a different piece.

> The blog "Smuggled Sounds" had a posting on 8-Nov-2008 with the full show: the 23 Constellations performance
mentioned above plus this trio. The comments are mostly about 23 Constellations, but add that "In the other half
of the programme, Previte gets funky with two of New York's most outstanding musicians; eight-string guitarist
Charlie Hunter and DJ Logic."

> Conclusion: apparently not released.