Bonnie Raitt with Johnny Lee Schell and Kim Wilson
Manor Downs
Manor, TX

Opening for The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Goody Speed/Pitch-adjusted Remaster

1st gen audience recording > Played back with Dolby B on a Nak Dragon through an Avid MBox Mini III into a PC running Audacity 2.3.3 software >
Audition (Pitch Bender -47 cents; Noises reduced or removed; Amplified; Track splits, fades) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; Align sector boundaries; .ffp) > foobar2000 (tags)

01 Hold What You Got 7:25
02 Special Delivery Blues 6:48
03 Big Road 5:26
04 Medley: Write Me A Few Of Your Lines > Kokomo Blues > Walkin' Blues > Death Letter Blues > Special Rider Blues 6:28
05 Willya Wontcha 4:49
Runtime: 30:56

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