Bonnie Raitt
Saratoga performing arts center
Saratoga Springs,N.Y.

nak.cm300's w/cp-1 caps.>sony wmd6c cass.master>HHB cdr830>EAC>FLAC(16/44).recorded by S.B.(stealth-center lawn)
Sound Quality Is VG

Chris Issac Opened

disc 1
01.Sugar mama
02.Love letter
03.Something to talk about
04.Good thingh
05.Come to me
06.I cant make you love me
07.All at once
08.Nick of time
09.Luck of the draw <Tape Flip Cut @ 236 20 Sec Missing
disc 2
01.Papa come quick
03.Thing called love
04.Not the only one
05.Good man:good woman
06.Three time loser
07.Have a heart
08.Hunka love
09.Sweet & shiny eyes
10.Angel from Montgomery ## With John Hall Rory Block & Bonnies Hasband

note: analog flip during "Luck of the draw" spliced together.
"Angel from Montgomery" is from different source(nak.701's-H.L.K.)