The Booger Band from Atlanta

got it from a trade a few years back.

an Organ/Drums Duo

Will Boulware - Hammond B3,E-Piano,Vocals
Joel Maloney - Drums,Vocals in Atlanta 3/71

3 sections(has sometimes 2 songs in it.
Maybe somebody knows the titles

Heavy Psychedelic fuzzy Organ/Drums driven Duo,like Lee Michaels .......way before it was called jam band.

Local groups got in the act as well with Booger Band being one of those groups that people would make sure not to miss. Keyboardist, Will Boware (sp?)was formally with "The Souljers" and he was not unlike Stevie Winwood in the respect that he was a child phenom. He sang, wrote and played an amazing Hammond B3 and keyboard bass. The drummer, Joel Maloney (rip) was an amazing young drummer and the guitarist, Ted Trombetta was equally incredible on guitar.

Posters included !!!