The Bottle Rockets
Rex's, West Chester, Pa, Usa
May 19, 1995
Probably A The King Of Rock Recording, But Possibly One Of My Own

Sony D3>Master Or 1St Gen Cassette>Audacity>Tlh>Flac

BAND: Brian, Tom, Tom and Mark

01. intro
02. dirty white boy
03. gas girl
04. if walls could talk
05. gravity fails
06. $1000 car
07. i wanna come home
08. sunday sports
09. --santana interlude--
10. rural route
11. pot of gold
12. truck drivin' man
13. manhattan countryside
14. idiot's revenge
15. kerosene
16. i love rock and roll
17. stuck in a rut
18. i'll be coming around
19. radar gun
20. trailer mama
21. welfare music
22. take me to the bank
23. wave that flag
24. --zz tease--
25. --slow ride tease--
26. cadillac ranch
27. every kinda everything
28. gimme back my bullets

Bonus: Go To Blazes from same show, last two songs.
29. all wrapped up
30. underneath the bottle

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