Branford Marsalis 06/12/90
Unknown, Stuttgart, Germany


1.The Wrath
4.The Dark Knight
6.Audience Interlude
7.The Ballad Of Chet Kincaid

D1T1: silence from 0:00 to 0:10; audience noise from 0:11 to 0:13; song is slightly cut at beginning and starts from 0:13; fades out during audience noise after end of song
D1T2: may be slightly cut at beginning; cut between songs (no music cut) 1 second before end of track
D1T3: cuts after end of song during audience noise at end of track
D2T1: silence from 0:00 to 0:06; song cuts in at 0:06 and it's very close - but there doesn't seem to be any music cut
D2T2: slight cut *just* after song ends at 24:20 of track (no music cut)
D2T3: Wolverine (song from previous track) actually finishes at 0:12 of this track; likewise, The Ballad Of Chet Kincaid (final song) actually starts at 0:43 of this track
D2T4: song starts to fade out at 4:07 of this track, and fades to a cut at 4:14, apparently well before the song is finished