Breaking Grass
Bluegrass On Ballard Festival
Olde City Park, Wylie, TX

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Acoustic Tent Set

01 Introduction and Tuning
02 Cold Rain
03 Beating The Blues
05 Whiskey Or Me
06 Annie
07 Nobody Knows
08 Announcement
09 Cold

Stage Set

10 Lazrus Bell
11 Heart Of My Love
12 Can't Take Back A Bullet
13 Shine

COdy Farrar
Britt Sheffield
Tyler White
Zach Wooten
Jody Elmore


The 7th annual Bluegrass On Ballard is a free festival put on by the City of Wylie and the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation. This would of been a headlining band, but in the past half the crowd leaves after Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Bluegrass Band, so the festival decide to put SPLBB as the headliner for the last couple of years. The day started out as a pretty typical day in Texas. Hot. It was in the mid to upper 90's for most of the day. The band before Breaking Grass had to cut the set short due to a rain/lightning storm. After around 45 minutes, the rain stopped and we were told Breaking Grass would be playing in about 10-15 minutes and that they were monitoring another storm. Well, that storm hit us too and there was another delay for about a hour. There was a small tent set up without side walls that about 75 - 100 people took shelter under. The bands had their own tent to wait out the storm and they were told that they could go home since the rain wasn't going to stop before their set ended. To everyones surprise the band came to our tent and played an accoustic set before the rain stopped and they played 4 more songs on the stage. The accoustic set is quiet. I tried turning up the mic gain to high but all that did was make the applause louder. I was on the right side of the band about 15 feet away and during the stage set was abot 20 yards back just left of center.


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