The Brecker Brothers Band
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Michael Brecker: sax
Barry Finnerty: guitar
Mark Gray: keyboards
Neil Jason: bass
Terry Bozzio: drums

My Father's Place
Roslyn, N.Y.
October 6, 1978
playing music from "heavy metal be-bop"
FM broadcast
runtime: 57:27 (minutes/seconds)


1: radio announcer :13
2: stage introduction, some skunk funk 8:14
3: I don't know either 9:18
4: inside out 9:34
5: funky see, funky do 10:03 (cuts at 3:33, tape flip, spliced)
6: squids 9:45
7: band introductions 1:23
8: East river 7:26
9: radio announcer 1:30

Pioneer SA-727 Receiver > Pioneer CTF-7272 Cassette Deck >
TDK-D 60 min. master cassette, recorded by "nevinsrip" (dolby B on) >
played on nak. bx-300 with dolby B on into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
this is not the live album show recorded at this location.
that album is mentioned in this performance as being
already released and recorded from a previous performance
at this same venue.
* from the *** NEVINSRIP *** collection *